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discover the force that lies within these rebels

At the Core of it All

Austin Mathews

Austin Mathews

Director & Founder | Vision, Strategy & Brand Direction

We haven't yet figured out what this chap does exactly, but he always seems to be around. Like literally. For the past 20 years. Around the block.

Some say he's played both sides of the fence: the client AND the agency. We're talking MENA region mainly, with global FMCGs like British American Tobacco and P&G, to premium motoring brands like BMW, MINI, Alpina & Rolls Royce, including Alfa Romeo and Suzuki amongst various others on The Experience List, making for quite an intensive run.

We hear he's pretty passionate about whatever he gets his hands onto, and that he's a bit of a stickler for the finer points, whether its visual or production details, so that's quite an asset as a Game Changer.

Lex Luthor or Charles Xavier? We don't know yet, but someone has to take the lead, right!

Oh, and he hates anything with more than four legs. Such a wuss!

Jessie Leong - 梁萱婷

Jessie Leong - 梁萱婷

Business Development Director | Client Servicing

A service-oriented professional, Jessie is quite seasoned when it comes to planning and execution of large-scale projects. She’s spent over 7 years at the Singapore Turf Club, working her way up the ladder from being a Digital Communications Manager to Head of Department for the majority of her time there, all the while working the media relations pool, planning their events and taking charge of most deliverables and exacting them to standards that only the best would expect. This included the entire media coverage for the Singapore Airlines International Cup.

The talent she brings to the team at TGC is quite special, as she sees eye to eye with us on a lot of key points that we are passionate about. She’s quite the traveller too, where she’s always observant on how engagement and experiences are executed and perceived on a regional and global level, only to return back home to apply new techniques and ideas into her projects.

Her bonus point: she takes in all the stress with ease, her charming smile never wavering. And she zips around a karting track like a bat out of hell. Brace yourself - this one's a pathfinder.

Angie Ang

Angie Ang

Executive Creative Director | Strategy, Creative Concepts & IoT

For more than 2 decades, Angie’s extensive experience in creative services includes tenures at Saatchi & Saatchi, TBWA, Bartle Bogle Hegarty, Saatchi Lab and A.S.Louken Group Pte Ltd.

Throughout her career, she has worked with brands such as Levi's, Tag Heuer, Toyota, Polaroid, Tiger Beer, Home Team NS, ISCA, Civil Service Club, National Crime Prevention Council, Extra Space etc. and has travelled extensively to destinations, including London, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia to work with renowned names in the industry.

Well-cultured? Experienced? Seasoned? Check all those boxes please! She's as awesome as they come. And she's on our side!

Sabrina Junsi

Sabrina Junsi

Junior Account Executive | Social Architect | Resident Diva

Despite her age, this young padawan has already had her hands into quite a few experiences at Uniqlo, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Universal Studios and Dorothy Perkins.

A true people's person, she loves to engage with others, and always adds value to anything she gets her head into. And given the fact that she's a millennial, she's keen to make waves with us.

Just don't offer her a coffee - else she'll be bouncing off the walls!

Fun Fact: her parents are over 300 years old but look like they're 30. Yep - she's got The Secret Elixir of Eternal Youth in her genes.

Our Advisors

that help us navigate our way through the open skies

Priveen Raj Naidu

Priveen Raj Naidu

Mentor | Brand Positioning & Equities

Priveen was half of the 2 man team that set up AirAsia (Asia's leading Low Cost Carrier) in Singapore back in 2003. After setting up the operational bit, he moved onto a regional commercial role focusing on all aspects of internal and external branding.

Post AirAsia, Priveen worked with several brands that have redefined social norms. He has worked with various MNCs to improve organizational development and corporate brand positioning. He graduated from the National University of Ireland, Dublin with first class honors in Marketing, and is now an honorary PhD holder too. His passion for aviation and change gave birth to Reapra Aviation Partners, where he's the CEO. Phew! Try saying all that in one breath.

In short, he's quite a big deal. And we're not talking about his 6ft+ frame: he's helping us reach for the skies with wings spread. Yes - we're working with him on A Secret Project that's going to be not-so-secret in the coming months.

Ok we're done with the puns here. We'll see ourselves out now. Almost.

Neetu Mehta

Neetu Mehta

Strategic Advisor | Partnerships & Brand Amplification

Ask Neetu what's the character trait she values the most in a person, and the answer is always the same: integrity & passion.

As a firm believer of practising what you preach, she has built numerous relations that withstand the test of time, while forging a long and illustrious career path in the advertising and events industry, with globally-known agencies like Quintessentially to name a few.

Never the one to rest on her laurels, Neetu always has her sights set on the bigger picture: she's always thinking global, sustainable and empowering. It is this drive and changemaker attitude that has seen her hold a Director's title at some of the most innovative and lucrative platforms advocating change and growth for SMEs and emerging industries. Just a quick google of Horasis and Enterprise Asia and you'll know what we mean. A true people's person, she's always on the get go, and this time around, she's going places with us in tow.

Her weakness: a chilled glass of wine. White please. Make that two.